Next gen. full-stack platform for modern software development

Start with one of our examples for your favorite frontend platform, add a database, write the business logic and let genezio deploy it all with one command or when you push to master.


“One of the unique features that I particularly appreciate is the ability to call backend functions directly from my frontend code, rather than having build a request URL. This has greatly streamlined my workflow and made it much easier to get my projects up and running.”

Jayson Anthony, Full Stack Developer

Your backend. Redeployed.

Cloud resource optimization

Zero devops involvement

One command line deploys on Amazon Lambda. Extensible to other platforms, open source. Working to bring our cloud to you. Faster cheaper open source.

Auto upscale and downscale

Scale backend code automatically to zero or to millions of users with no AWS knowledge.

Your preferred language - Javascript

Focus on what truly matters

Framework agnostic

Know and love React, Svelte or Vue? Use Node.js to write and genezio deploy the complete full-stack app.

Unlearn REST

Natural function calls for backend method invocation replaces REST bringing type safety, code clarity and auto completion in your favorite IDE.

Your app. Your code. Your data.

Write business logic in microservices

Microservices are implemented as backend classes

Escape limitations imposed by Firebase-like frameworks in which the backend is just a database and a few functions, and write full business logic in backend classes.

Every microservice has a database connection

Share DB connections at the microservice level for fast response times.

Easy to use in just 3 steps

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export class HelloClass {
  helloWorld() { 
    return "Hello world!";

  hello(name, location) {
    return `Hello, ${name}, from ${location}!`; 

Step 1

Bootstrap your first project

Start from our examples! Pick one and clone it from our GitHub repo. Generally an example has frontend and backend code and a configuration file named genezio.yaml

Type genezio local to start your backend dev environment. Use npm start in the frontend folder. Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/. You are all set!

Once you typed genezio local, an SDK with frontend classes that mirror the backend classes was generated in your frontend folder. The SDK uses JSON RPC to communicate with the backend.

Step 2

Iterate on the code

You will need to import the SDK class in your code and call its methods - that's it - enjoy our examples!

We now support Javascript, TypeScript and DART on both the frontend and backend, and Python on the frontend.

At genezio, classes are the basic unit of deployment for the backend. Instead of deploying single functions, we group them into classes for more flexibility and better code readability.

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* This is an auto generated code. This code should not be modified since the
* file can be overwritten if new genezio commands are executed.

import { Remote } from "./remote.js"

export class HelloWorldService {
  static remote = new Remote(<"PROJECT_URL">)

  static async helloWorld() {

  static async hello(name, from) {
    return"HelloWorldService.hello", name, from) 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
import { useState } from "react"
import { HelloClass } from "./sdk/hello.sdk.js";
const [name, setName] = useState("Billy");
const [location, setLocation] = useState("NY"); 

const View = () => {
  return (
      `${HelloClass.hello(name, location)}`

export default View;

Step 3

Deploy your project

Use genezio deploy at the command prompt in the project folder where the yaml config file resides. This deploys both the backend and the frontend code, if it exists.

First the backend bundle is created and deployed in the genezio cloud that runs on AWS. Then the SDK code is regenerated in the frontend folder. Then the frontend is deployed and the CDN is configured.

It's live now!

Start writing your own application code now!

Whether you are developing a website or you want to write your first blockchain or AI app, we've got you covered!

Check out our examples!



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