The easiest way to write and host your Dart app on a serverless architecture.

As developers, we believe that having a unified tech stack is the boost you need to maximize your productivity. Happy coding!


“One of the unique features that I particularly appreciate is the ability to call backend functions directly from my frontend code, rather than having build a request URL. This has greatly streamlined my workflow and made it much easier to get my projects up and running.”

Jayson Anthony, Full Stack Developer

Built for Flutters

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Don’t spend time learning a new programming language, now you can use Dart to implement server-side logic for your Flutter application.

Our aim is to help you follow Dart and Flutter best practices so you can be productive and build your application in a familiar environment.

Mistake-free clean code

Let us worry about the boilerplate

Clean server API

You'll have the time to focus only on delivering awesome features. Organize your API code in classes that are deployed and scaled individually to meet your needs.

Autogenerated client interface

Our scripts generates libraries that can easily expose server logic into the client-side. This enables you to import and call backend methods in a natural way.

Easy deployment

Spend zero time configuring servers.

Microservices are implemented as backend classes

Using our tool you are deploying your application in a “single-command” manner, without prior AWS or cloud knowlegde.

Debugging made easy

You can easily interact and test your server with mock-up data using our testing companion app.

Easy to use in just 3 steps

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class HelloClass {
  String helloWorld() {
    return "Hello World";

  String hello(String name, String location) {
    return "Hello, $name, from $location"; 

Step 1

Bootstrap your first project

Don’t start from scratch, use our templates to get your app going in no-time. Pick a suitable example from our GitHub repo.

Test your app locally by running genezio local to launch a development environment. Use flutter run -d chrome to launch your frontend for Flutter Web.

The magic doesn’t stop here. Our tools inherit the beauty of Flutter by providing a portable UI toolkit for web, mobile and desktop. You can plug in your mobile device or simulator to test out you app on Android, iOS or desktop environments.

Step 2

Testing is key

We are developers too, and we love when our apps are working from the first try. But, this doesn’t happen everyday!

We aim to create the most enjoyable test environment for you. We are providing a GUI tool, so you can easily interact and test the server logic.

More than that, take advantage of fast build times using hot reload on the server-side.

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/// This is an auto generated code.
import 'remote.dart';

class HelloClass {
  static final remote = Remote(<"PROJECT_URL">);

  static Future<String> helloWorld(String token, String id) async {
    final response = await"HelloClass.helloWorld");
    return response as String;

  static Future<String> hello(String name, String location) async {
    final response = await"HelloClass.hello", [name, location]);
    return response as String;
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class HomePageState extends State<HomePage> {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) => Scaffold(
    appBar: AppBar(
      actions: [
          onPressed: () {
            // Call Backend Function
            print(HelloClass.hello("John", "NY")); 

Step 3

Deploy your project

Once you are satisfied with the results and you want to share your app with whole world, run genezio deploy.

Sit back and relax while we take care of all the technical heavy lifting required to deploy and auto-scale your application on a serverless infrastructure.

We are bundling and uploading your code, generating a production SDK for the frontend-side and configuring a CDN to host your frontend.

Aaand… Done! Your app is live now.

Build your Full Stack Dart application now!

Whether you are developing a website or you want to write your first blockchain or AI app, we've got you covered!

Check out our examples!



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